When Babies or Toddlers Change from Two Naps to One?

My LO is only 9.5 months old, but lately he seemed to resist his regular morning nap. For the last two or three month, he has one nap in the morning around 10~11am; another nap in the after noon around 3~4pm. Now he doesn’t want to have a nap in the morning any more since he entered 9 month. In the last a couple of weeks, I spent more than an hour every morning trying to make him sleep; however he refused to stay in bed like he used to. I am confused and frustrated! Is he ready to drop his two naps to one at 9 month old? Or perhaps his awaking time has been extended to more than 3 hours, but still have two naps a day? With these questions, I Googled to look for answers.

Signs your child is ready to change to one daily nap

Your child is ready to switch from two naps to one if . . .

  • when you put him down for a nap, he plays or fusses for at least 30 minutes before falling asleep.┬áThen, he takes only a short nap.
  • he can go for car rides early in the day without falling asleep.
  • he can miss a nap and remain cheerful and energetic until his next nap, or bedtime.
  • he naps well for one of his naps, but totally resists the other nap.

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