Avoid Genetically Modified Foods for Your Baby

Canadian government does not require labeling. But for your baby’s health,  you can still make a choice:

  • Eating certified organic food is one way you can avoid GM food because GM is prohibited in organic farming. This includes organic dairy, eggs and meat because animals in organic farming are not fed GM grains like corn or soy.
  • Avoid eating processed foods with corn, canola and soy ingredients.
  • Buy cane sugar or organic sugar to avoid eating sugar from GM sugar beets.
  • Support farmers who fight GM: buy food directly from farmers who
    do not plant GM corn, canola or soy or use GM grains for meat, dairy or egg production.


How to read the GMO labeling

Foods that are genetically modified have a 5 digit code that begins with a 9. Foods that are organic, which cannot be genetically modified by definition, have a 5 digit code that begins with an 8. Lastly, foods that are neither genetically modified nor organic have a 4 digit code.


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